General questionnaire

Please reply to all of the following questions. This will enable us to supply you with the correct encoder. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance with this questionnaire.

  1. Which type of encoder do you require?

    There is an intrinsically safe version of the type 01-08 encoder available.
  2. Please specify the required output stage.

  3. Please specify if any resistor is required in the output stage.

  4. Do you require mechanical freewheel clutch (only 01-08) or electronic backward pulse suppression?

  5. Please specify the supply voltage, fixed or variable (5 – 24VDC):

  6. Please specify the number of output channels required:

    Standard phase shift is 25% for 2 channels and 33% for 3 channels. 01-09 and ME14-02 have max. 2 channels and type 01-08 max. 3 channels
  7. Please specify the number of pulses per channel per revolution.:

    Type 01-09 – max. 400, type 01-08 – max 400, ME14-02 – max 1024
  8. When you hold the encoder with the shaft facing you, which direction will the encoder shaft turn during operation?

  9. What is the length of cable required? Up to 2 meters is included in the price.

  10. Can you supply a drawing of the encoder shaft coupling required to interface your meter shaft? Can you specify the type of meter?

  11. Do you wish Eltomatic to supply a bracket designed to mount the encoder on your meter?