04 March, 2016

02-07 End Of Life

02 07 To 01 09

Due to decreasing sales and old certifications which are resulting in lower production volume of our classic 02-07 Encoder, we are forced to increase the encoder price by 20% for orders placed after 1st of April 2016. Further to this end of life of the 02-07 is set to the 1st of October 2016. After this date we are no longer able to deliver the 02-07 for productions and for spare parts.

To meet customer demands we have developed a low cost solution by using a bracket for mounting our inexpensive 01-09 Encoder instead of the 02-07. When used with the 02-07 converter bracket, the 01-09 encoder is be supplied with an extended coupling* and mounting bracket in order to match existing screw holes similar to the mounting of a traditional 02-07 encoder. Please note that the01-09 is only available in bidirectional version thus no mechanical freewheel clutch is available in ATEX version. If non ATEX version we can still provide the 01-09 with mechanical backlash. As an alternative we are able to deliver the 01-09 with an electronic suppression of backward pulses.

Price for the mounting bracket only is € 19,65

*(for most common couplings only – less common couplings price on request )